Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I lost my Miu Miu's

by Samsara

This was an interesting shoot. I was at a venue in South Florida for a gig that turned out to be a flop when the talented designer of this charming line of cover ups asked if I could take some shots.

The designer was not too fond of my pictures, I guess she was hoping for full body catwalk shots of her models in full stride. Most of my shots were rather cropped, by design...
Well…the catwalk was only about 20 feet long, sitting on the sand, and at my opposite end was a crowd  of spectators… not quite the Karl Lagerfeld crowd,  so to speak.
Talk about unreasonable requests.
It gets better, by the time I was done gathering my equipment, my pink Miu Miu slip-ons -which I had tossed aside while shooting- were nowhere to be found.
I walked back to my car, after a long day, a gig gone bad, a dissatisfied client, my Miu Miu’s were long gone, barefoot on the scorching asphalt…but I was happy because I was doing what I love to do.  

This one is my favorite shot, yes cropped, but it tells a story.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors

These photos are from a shoot taken a few years back by my friend, fellow photographer Vicky Scesa and myself. We named the shoot “Smoke and Mirrors” due to the mysterious and decadent quality of the model’s wardrobe, styling and the location. We chose an abandoned Opera House, with lacquered gilt and scarlet walls, a dazzling mezzanine and a breathless chandelier, yet the floors were filthy and lined with garbage. The model flawlessly conveyed our “Smoke and Mirrors” theme, Julia was downright gorgeous.