Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo of the Day

by Samsara

Well, it’s time I came up with a gem of some sort, as I promise in my blog description.
These are my latest gems/purchases: Yves Saint Laurent blush patent leather mary jane stilettos, Melie Bianco Tulle handbag and Hair Accessory by Aldo.
And…before I forget…thank you to whomever dropped off these pristine YSLs at Couture Exchange, my favorite consignment store. I was able to purchase these beauties for only a fraction of the cost! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marc Jacobs' Fall-Winter 2011 collection, genius!

by Samsara

     Of all the 100 shows debuted this month during the Women’s Fall-Winter 2011 runway season , one collection had me at the edge of my seat… alas the seat of my home office as a YouTube spectator – but that’s a story for another day.   On a mirrored runway and a venue lined with tufted blue vinyl columns, Marc Jacob displayed the most interesting and whimsical collection of the season! His ensembles were simply dazzling.  The elegant lines, the textures, the harmony of colors, all together in a walk down memory lane of 1940s silhouettes …personal assistants      ( then“secretaries”) , flight attendants (then “stewardesses”), yet in contemporary, or better, futuristic materials.  Elegance did not spring from Jacobs’ quite eclectic choice of fabrics -rubber, polyester, crepe, guipure-lace, paillettes, fake-crocodile, organza and fox fur- but from the peplum dresses, the pencil skirts and sheer blouses. As a result, the contrast of old and new was genius! 

Ok, let’s face it, a little over the top. Some reviews described the show as “simple eye candy”. However these trends –the polka dots, the cupcake hats, the color scheme and the plastic will become a part of our everyday lives.  Some of us will take a liking to its vintage facets, others will be inspired by the edgy and innovative; somehow this collection will all end up in our wardrobes.
Thank you Marc Jacobs!

  Photography by: AP Photo/ Kathy Willens

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bon Chic, Bon Genre...aka BCBG

by Samsara

Simply put, BCBG is by far one of my favorite labels! The Max Azaria label -designed by husband and wife team Max and Lubov Azria- creates fine garments, made with outstanding fabrics and detail. Yes, indeed a bit subdued and minimal. But this allows to mix and match, layer and accessorize. The tailoring is very sharp and elegant. The accessories are always fun and fashion forward, and the footwear, a fusion of trendy designs and high quality materials. I know women who swear by only wearing BCBG shoes.  Daniel Dykes, coauthor for refers to MaxAzria’s 2011 fall collection as:
 “ A collection whose fabrics are spun in greys, blacks and olives. Detailed yes, layered yes, but overt no.”  I never would have labeled BCBG past seasons as “overt”, figure hugging lines are not necessarily “overt”.  I find most collections to be very feminine and polished.

 BCBG Max Azria’s fall 2011 catwalk displayed longer hemlines, overall flowing and loose garments, lots of turtlenecks, piping and slim belts. Some name this trend 70s sophisticated glamour; remember the high waist wide leg pants and the tunics or maxi dresses? more fabric equivalent to sophistication when it comes to fashion? The 70s were also known for its Bohemian trends!  Quite honestly, I’m just glad the block bandage dress is finally out. If that means Boho is back, so be it.
Yet sophistication is a key word when it comes to BCBG. I never regretted a single purchase, and if you order online, your pieces come in boxes or garment bags, depending on the items, which makes all us fashion enthusiasts feel special.
  Hence…good style, good attitude, as the French say: Bon Chic, Bon Genre. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If Chanel, Valentino and Chloe’ say so….

by Samsara

   Sorbet colors will be in full bloom this season; the spring-summer collection will bring us orange, yellow,  fuchsia, lavender  and green …designers and labels have introduced a plethora of garments in these uplifting hues. but …don’t we still need to get the nudes, blushes, and whites out of our systems.

 Yes,  flesh tones were  last season’s trend however  they needed to evolve and transform. They have been embellished with fringes, tassels, feathers, frills, and bows. Lace –eyelet especially- and pieces constructed out of luxurious silks and sheer will make their way into our wardrobes.
 Run your eyes over  Chanel, Valentino and Chloe’s 2011 catwalk  trends -among many other designers-  a neutral palette still dominates … minimalist or fussy, haute couture or mass production,  key pieces remain chic blouses in powdery beiges,  sharp tailored jackets, tulle and tutu-like skirts, vintage petticoats, and maxi tunics.  As far as footwear –booties and wedges will be with us for sometime yet, to contrast and at times, to shock.
Sassy garments that flow,  extrude femininity and sophistication, we love/want  them all.

Cropped Puff Jacket Bebe, Equestrian cropped pants Pinko

 tank top BCBG, tutu skirt Bebe